Movieline's Celeb Oscar Predictions: Spy Kids' Alexa Vega is a Fan of David Fincher

alexa_vega225.jpgWant to feel a little old? Alexa Vega, best known for playing Carmen Cortex in Robert Rodriguez's series of Spy Kids movies (the fourth, Spy Kids 4: All The Time in the World, is set to be released in August), is turning 23 this year. And having been acting since she played Emily Newton on Evening Shade when she was 5 years old, Vega has had plenty of time (and, as we found out, Oscar night cheese platters) as a professional actor to think about its ultimate prize. Which contenders does Vega like this Sunday? She envisions a nice night for the director of The Social Network.

"Growing up the 'Oscars' always meant big cheese platters in our house and some close friends," Vega responded in an email to Movieline about her Oscar rituals, "it was the time to appreciate the craft of what you do (acting) and swoon over other actors performances. The Oscars are the biggest and the best... Always the most fun to watch."

Who will win Best Picture?

I had a tough time this year trying to pick best picture. The Social Network was fantastic and will most likely win, but I loved The King's Speech.

Why do you think The Social Network will win?

The Social Network should win because it was perfect. Everything about that movie was great. The writing.. the directing.. the actors... the shots. The list goes on and on. It is a current film that has longevity.

Who should win Best Actor?

Best Actor should go to Colin Firth for The Kings Speech What a strong moving performance.

Who should win Best Actress?

Best Actress I think will be Natalie Portman. Although I have to say my favorite performance of hers was playing Matilda in The Professional.

Who should win Best Director?

David Fincher. Because he's freakin' David Fincher!