Finally, Designer 3-D Glasses That Make You Look Cool

Sure, there are a number of complaints flying around about 3-D movies; the muddy image quality, the exorbitant surcharge and the fact that the technology doesn't actually add anything to most movies, just to name a few. But hey, maybe all of the naysayers are just whining because they look like nerds at the movies! Well, several companies are here to put an end to that with designer, reusable 3-D glasses that will at least make you cool while you're squinting your eyes to make out what's happening in the dim image on screen. Check out the new styles!


Gunnars - These glasses apparently use the same anti-reflective coating as military binoculars, which allows them to let in 10% more light.


polaroid.jpg new 3-D glasses, which will also function as sunglasses.

[Popular Science]