VIDEO: That House/Pulp Fiction Spoof You Always Wanted

· Check out the big brain on Dr. Gregory House! On the hit Fox series House this week, the team decided to parody the famous opening scene from Pulp Fiction, but minus all those swear words and screaming. The results are pretty good! Good enough, at least, to make me want to entertain the idea of sitting through an episode of House on my laptop. Say what again, click ahead to watch the scene, and stick around for more Buzz Break.

[via Vulture]

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· The Farrelly Brothers are apparently considering everyone from Justin Timberlake to Larry David to Will Sasso for their Three Stooges movie. [Boston Herald]

· Chris Columbus will direct a remake of Hello Ghost, which sounds like treacly garbage. [Deadline]

· Christina Ricci might star in the ABC pilot Pan Am, which is about '60s stewardesses that Don Draper probably slept with. [THR]

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