VIDEO: Steven Spielberg's Editor Got a Lifetime Achievement Award. Here's Why

Michael Kahn isn't exactly what you'd call a household name, but you could easily argue he's the driving force behind the householding of Steven Spielberg's name. After all, as Spielberg's longtime editor, Kahn has cut two dozen movies with a collective box-office gross of nearly $3.5 billion, winning three Oscars -- one more than the director himself has -- along the way. At last weekend's American Cinema Editors awards, he was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement honor. Read on to see his greatest hits in seven minutes flat.

What's mindblowing to me aren't necessarily the technical achievements that are Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, War of the Worlds and Saving Private Ryan (though they are mindblowing), but rather that all along the way Kahn and Spielberg have cut on film. Saving Private Ryan! Cut on film! It's said they're finally moving to Avid for The Adventures of Tintin, God bless 'em, but as the tribute reel below suggests, maybe it's not the worst thing to just stick with what you know. Hats off, sir.

Tribute to Michael Kahn, A.C.E. from Carsten Kurpanek on Vimeo.

[via The Hot Blog]


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