VIDEO: Glimpse 19 Seconds of James Franco and Anne Hathaway's Grease Oscar Routine

So I'm in the middle of this project about James Franco and Twitter, a tech-culture marriage proving increasingly curious by the hour. And the next thing I know, there's the man himself, dancing with his Oscar co-host Anne Hathaway in what one can only presume is a tribute to Grease set to be performed at the Academy Awards.

Sure: You were hoping for a revival of the infamous Rob Lowe/Snow White pas de deux from 1989. But this is still fun, no? Experimental and dizzying, but fun nonetheless.

[via @JamesFranco]


  • SeaGrace says:

    Ohh, James Franco used to come into my son's Starbucks each night while he was in San Francisco filming "Milk". Needless to say, my son was thrilled. Then some dirtbag stole Jame's iPhone and he stopped coming in. 🙁