Second Source Code Trailer Explains Twisty Sci-Fi Premise in 8 Words

"Find the bomb, and you'll find the bomber." So says Vera Farmiga (playing what one has to assume is the daughter of Basil Exposition) in the latest trailer for Source Code, Duncan Jones' high concept science-fiction thriller that will have its world premiere at SXSW next month. How does this new bit of marketing compare with the first trailer that was released last November?

Well, it's certainly more succinct! (See: The eight-word premise.) It also relies more heavily on explosions and visual effects -- both of which look pretty impressive. You know the story on this one: Jake Gyllenhaal plays a military captain who, thanks to the "source code" computer program (cue: ominous thunderclap), has eight minutes to stop a massive train explosion in Chicago. The good news: Every time he fails, he can try again. The bad news: The same bomber is going to strike again in six hours. The worst news: Jake's captain has fallen in love with Michelle Monaghan.

Source Code has that post-Inception "risk-taking" thing -- that thing Mark Harris said was dead -- going for it, and Jones certainly knows his way around silly-seeming premises (see: Moon). Could this be the first great film of 2010? At the very least it should be better than Unknown.

VERDICT: Still sold.