Oscar Week Classics: F. Murray Abraham Should Just Present Everything

· F. Murray Abraham won his Oscar for Amadeus in 1984, but his presenter speech for 1985's Best Actress, Geraldine Page, is the real historic milestone. Look how he beams when he gets to read Page's name. Dignity! The Oscars miss it so! [YouTube]

· Kim Kardashian is up for a role opposite John Travolta in the John Gotti biopic. Pray for us. [TMZ]

· Something suspicious happened in Madison, Wisconsin the other day involving Daily Show correspondent John Oliver, a camera and a camel. [Weekly Standard]

· Lindsay Lohan will return to jail unless she stands trail for Necklace-Gate. [Yahoo!]

· Mike Tyson is still hoping for an Avatar Academy Award win this Sunday. (Don't tell him what year it is.) Meanwhile, Oscar the Grouch is putting his money on Colin Firth for The King's Speech, porn location scandal be damned. [Buzzfeed]