Movieline's Celeb Oscar Predictions: Kathy Griffin Thinks Melissa Leo Should Have Gone 'Nude'

kathygriffin_225.jpgEmmy-winning comedian Kathy Griffin loves the Oscars but hates Hollywood's self-congratulatory streak. We understand her. The D-List doyenne shared with Movieline her picks for Best Picture, Worst Picture, and choices for better hosts than James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

What's your personal choice for Best Picture? Will it win?

Let's cut the crap. I don't like the new ten Best Picture nominations system and neither do you. So I am going to switch it back to five movies. Yeah, five of you Best Picture nominees are going to get cut by me right now. The new nominees are The King's Speech, Black Swan, The Fighter, The Social Network and the fifth movie, in an unprecedented move by the Academy as it was just released days ago, should be Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. Out of the five I choose The Social Network because as much as I love the other movies, this was the only one I saw twice, except of course Never Say Never, which I've seen 12 times. I think The Social Network has a real chance, but it will be a horse race. The King's Speech has won everything so far.

What's your choice for Worst Picture (in the Best Picture category)?

Toy Story 17 or what ever the hell it is. I don't care how expensive they are, it's still a cartoon. Why don't you just throw in a Tom & Jerry re-run while you're at it.

Grade your expectations of hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Are they right for the job?

F*ck no! It should be a comedian. Although for a town and an industry that can sometimes be shockingly humorless, they will probably think those two are stand-up comedians. My choice would be the duo of Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus. Technically they are not comedians, but that would be some funny sh*t.

What do you make of Melissa Leo's self-promotional "Consider" campaign? Tacky, smart, or tackily smart? Will it pay off? Why she is wearing that robe?

I think it's brilliant. The only thing I would have changed is the robe. She should have done a completely nude campaign. Now I really hope she wins. Be bold, ladies -- that includes you, Biebs.

Who will give the most annoying speech?

98% of these freaks. Oh, I really can't wait for them to thank all of their children because a 10-month-old really needs a shout-out at the f*cking Oscars. Also, be looking for the A-listers who tend to only thank their "new family" and sort of forget the older children they've had from previous marriages. You know who you are.

What will go wrong?

As much as possible hopefully.

Will Helena Bonham Carter be all we need her to be?

She doesn't know how to do it any other way. She might as well have Vivienne Westwood go to these events for her at this point, but when you're that gorgeous and talented have at it.

What's your favorite performances of the year?

I love that weirdo Jesse Eisenberg. I love the crazy pensive, pucker, squinty face he makes. Everybody in The King's Speech, everybody British in general and Justin Bieber in Never Say Never.

Finally, what tricks should Banksy pull to make the night bearable?

Pull a rabbit out of a hat. Who the f*ck is Banksy?


  • Julie Miller says:

    I agree with Kathy's vision for this Academy Awards ceremony entirely.

  • Louis Virtel says:

    Banksy is going to spraypaint her into effing submission.

  • Andre says:

    Ha! A Banksy-centric D-List episode would have been awesome! Kathy would pick which Scientology structure he would vandalize and spraypaint her nude portrait on their walls!

  • miles silverberg says:

    It's really too bad there won't be another season of D-List. It would have been all-Bieber and all-Banksy, all the time.