Bill Murray Still Not Doing Ghostbusters 3, Also Not Osama Bin Laden

Bill Murray put a halt to to his random karaoke appearances and CNBC interviews on Tuesday morning so that he could call in for a scheduled interview with Howard Stern, where the actor was slated to promote Get Low on DVD. As soon as the notoriously reclusive star jumped on the line though, Stern probed the actor about his many casting rumors, including Ghostbusters 3.

"Yeah, Ivan wants to make it and I... I owe him, ya know," Murray revealed. "He's puzzled that I haven't gotten to this [script]. [...] Well, I'll get to it. I gotta get to it. I feel bad. I got a message and I think people -- I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. It's not the foremost thing in my mind, so I don't think about it. You know, the studio gets excited every 10 years or so."

His reluctance is not because of an issue with his co-stars -- "We really are funny together." -- but because of an issue with how the last Ghostbusters film turned out.

"I only made one sequel," Murray told Stern. "It was Ghostbusters 2, and it didn't end up the way it was presented."

Among the other topics discussed...

Los Angeles: "I only lived in Los Angeles for one time and it was for about nine months. They have flowers that bloom at night, the Night Blooming Jasmine. That's really the high point [for the city]."

His reclusiveness: "I'm on your show this morning so it's not like I'm in deep hiding. It's not like I'm Bin Laden or anything."

On being offered the role of Han Solo in Star Wars: "I don't know. Maybe. I never heard that one. I liked the job Harrison Ford did. I hear these stories. I was offered the job of pope too but they couldn't reach me. The papacy can be a handful though."

On whether he's a genius: "No. I mean, I'm pretty good at what I do. I'm as good as anyone in my neighborhood."

On whether or not he watches Saturday Night Live: "I catch up with it. [...] My friend [and longtime Saturday Night Live writer] Jim Downey will [...] send me discs of the best sketches. [...] I like this cast a lot. I think it's the best cast since the first one."



  • Patrick says:

    Listen Bill Murray said to Howard Stern that Ivan wants to do a Ghostbusters 3 and Bill said that he Owe's Ivan!!! He feels bad that the Fans are waiting for him to read the script. Bill has the script and he will read it and the movie will move Forward!!! That's in Part 2 so get your facts Straight and stop making up more Lies about Bill!!!

  • Martini Shark says:

    It seems as if we get these "GB3" rumors on a consistant and persistant basis, making me feel like I'm in the sequel to "Groundhog's Day".

  • Chris Biocca says:

    I read an article on the internet recently that said Bill has read the script, he just hasn't gotten back to the folks at Sony about it yet. I agree with Patrick. Whoever is posting these articles,saying that Bill isn't doing GB3 isn't doing the proper research. Either do the research or don't post anything at all. Stop lying to the fans and get your facts straight.

  • casting couch says:

    I still remember how bad Ghostbuster 2 was after seeing it at a drive-in back in '89. Maybe he doesn't want to go back to yelling abuse at a toaster again.

  • Everytime I hear Murray, I like him more. So grounded, yet so quirky. There just aren't many actors like him & his generation anymore. Wish he'd be in more movies.

  • Robert says:

    I cant tell u much about Gb3.
    But the recordings start in the first months of 2012.
    The cast isn't complete yet. '
    There will be a Gb3....but i dont think you have the old cast back.
    Atm: sry f

  • ZengZee says:

    lol, Ghostbusters III? You gotta be kidding right??

  • Charle says:

    “I only made one sequel,” Murray told Stern. “It was Ghostbusters 2, and it didn’t end up the way it was presented.”
    Aside from the Garfield 2 thing, that's a pretty powerful thing for an actor to say. More actors should be like him and take pride and ownership of what they create.

  • Lily says:

    LiT7: A New Beginning.
    "He's in town with a few days to kill, this time it's personal, you have the right to remain silent... forever!"

  • Zoe says:

    I've seen Bill quoted as saying "we had a good story, then the effects guys got hold of it." First one was a masterpiece of comedy and all around good movie. Second was a "hey look what we can do with effects." He got sincerely burned out after that and has been hesitant, in the least, about this 3rd one.
    Sidenote, I've got a personal unsupported theory that they're already shooting the movie and this is a smokescreen so they can get it done without prying eyes.

  • Koowie says:

    Don't do it Bill! You're right GB2 ruined it.