Play Movieline's 2011 In Memoriam Oscar Montage Pool!

If any element of the annual Academy Awards telecast represents an equalizer between your party's Oscar geeks and the more casual fans who just dropped in for the booze, it's got to be the chance to win big money on one of the night's most hotly debated segments: the In Memoriam montage.

As noted last year by Academy executive director Bruce Davis, the montage of late Hollywood luminaries is historically one of the most difficult to produce: "[M]ore people die each year than can possibly be included in that segment. It gets close to agonizing by the end. You are dropping people who the public knows. It's just not comfortable."

OK, so it's not comfortable for him. Nevertheless, the Academy's indecision could be your big gain on Oscar night if you can prognosticate whom among the cinema's recent deceased will be singled out for inclusion. Clip, save and share -- and good luck!

· Will They Make It? (Choose One)

Corey Haim (+5)

Robert Culp (+10)

Gary Coleman (+15)

Barbara Billingsley (+25)

None of the above (+20)

· Will Open the Montage

George Hickenlooper (+5)

Ronni Chasen (+10)

Sally Menke (+20)

Dede Allen (+25)

None of the above (+15)

· Will End the Montage

Tony Curtis (+5)

Lena Horne (+10)

Dennis Hopper (+20)

Patricia Neal (+25)

None of the above (+15)

· Will Get Montage's First Video Clip

Meinhardt Raabe (+5)

Sally Menke (+10)

Bud Greenspan (+20)

William A. Fraker (+25)

None of the above (+15)

· Will Get Montage's First Sound Clip

John Barry (+10)

Leslie Nielsen (+15)

Tony Curtis (+20)

Lena Horne (+25)

None of the above (+5)

· First Actor Named

Fess Parker (+5)

Maury Chaykin (+10)

Peter Graves (+15)

Dennis Hopper (+25)

None of the above (+20)

· First Actress Named

Lynn Redgrave (+5)

Jill Clayburgh (+10)

Patricia Neal (+15)

Tura Satana (+25)

None of the above (+20)

· First Director Named

Irvin Kershner (+5)

Roy Ward Baker (+10)

Blake Edwards (+20)

Arthur Penn (+25)

None of the above (+15)

· First International Auteur Named

Mahama Johnson Traoré (+5)

Claude Chabrol (+20)

Satoshi Kon (+25)

None of the above (+10)

· Oldest Selection

Gloria Stuart, 100 (+5)

Dorothy Janis, 98 (+10)

Kevin McCarthy, 96 (+15)

Meinhardt Raabe, 94 (+25)

None of the above (+20)

· Will Get His/Her Own Montage Elsewhere in Oscarcast

Tony Curtis (+5)

Dino De Laurentiis (+10)

Blake Edwards (+25)

None of the above (+15)


  • The Winchester says:

    No point values for which celebs get the applause, and which don't? That's my favorite part of the telecast, and it's great for shaming your party guests, too.
    My god, I am a cynical bastard.

  • Wellie says:

    TCM manages to fit in more actors/writers/directors/craftsmen in their annual "TCM Remembers" feature than the Oscarcast AND do so in a much classier way.
    What I don't get is why the Oscars insist on wasting valuable camera time lingering on the singer brought in to accompany the film clips? (The year Queen Latifah sang, I wanted to throw my shoe at the tv.) Just show us the feature the audience at the Kodak is watching!

  • milessilverberg says:

    OK, now we're crossing over into the Land of Eepy-cray.
    Was this trip really necessary?

  • abby says:

    Dennis Hopper or Dino de Laurentiis will get the separate tribute. We've so many in this last year... I am really afraid they'll leave out someone major like Robert Culp, Anne Francis or even Peter Graves.

  • jo haynes says:

    Part I liked best was banter between Jude Law and true, so up to date, so fast and intelligent...they should have run the show

  • Mitch Anderson says:

    Did they include Fess Parker? yeah, I know he was a TV star on Daniel Boone, but he starred several Disney movies and started a national craze with the coonskin cap-wearing Davy Crockett. He's gotta be on that list.

  • abby says:

    No, they didn't include Fess Parker. If you want to see REAL tributes, look for the "TCM Remembers" videos on Youtube and the TCM website. THAT is how memoriams should be done.