Oscar Week Classics: Shirley MacLaine Wins for Terms of Endearment

· For the last post each day this week, we'll be revisiting the finest Oscar speeches ever. This is my bread and butter, so get excited. Today, we kick off with Shirley MacLaine's spirited, hilarious, and touching speech for her Best Actress win in 1983's Terms of Endearment. Rock Hudson and Liza Minnelli do a hell of a job presenting too. [YouTube]

And in other "spirited" news...

· Charlie Sheen rented a yacht in Marina Del Ray for an at-sea screening of Jaws over the weekend. Incredible. At least Emily Blunt would appreciate it! [TMZ]

· The King's Speech was partially shot on a gay porn set. I wouldn' [The Advocate]

· Social Network Oscar snubbee Justin Timberlake on the artistic statement of the century: "I'm not an assh*le." [Us]

· You can look forward to more of NBC's reality series The Sing-Off (which I adore), The Biggest Loser (which is fine), and Who Do You Think You Are? (which strikes me as lame). [TVLine]

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