Late Night Highlights: Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter Act Out Inception

LateNight022211.jpgConan O'Brien celebrated President's Day by acting out a scene from this year's Oscar nominated film Inception with the help of Andy Richter and a prop gun. Elsewhere, Ed Helms explained the finer details of onscreen nudity, Cobie Smulders and David Letterman talked about Garbage Island (and not The Avengers), and Stephen Colbert argued that prescription meds can't turn you into a gay sex addict.

4. On-Screen Nudity, By Ed Helms

Ed Helms spent nearly his entire segment on Conan discussing on-screen nudity and reading his naked clause in Cedar Rapids.

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  • jason says:

    Conan is the funniest man in late night. There should be a law that requires people to watch Conan, well it sounds good at least. Working and subscribing to DISH network means that I cam never actually home to watch my tv, but I have a couple options with my 922 receiver, I can record Conan to my DVR, or the receiver has a sling adapter built into it, so on top of the 1TB of storage, I can stream my live TV to my phone or laptop no matter where I am.

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