James Franco's Latest Job: An Art Exhibit with Gus Vant Sant

james_franco_tmi_225.jpgYup. He is an Academy Award nominee, actor, Oscar host, curator, student, singer, soap star, literary fellow, self-pleasure enthusiast, Twitter star, and champion for seventies sitcoms, but it's still not enough for James Franco. The man who collects jobs like Charlie Sheen collects loose-lipped escorts has added another bullet point on that already crowded CV -- he is being featured in a new art exhibit alongside Gus Van Sant.

A release from the esteemed Gagosian Gallery states the exhibit, "Unfinished," will open Feb. 26 in Beverly Hills and run through April 9. The exhibit is basically a reworking of Van Sant's 1991 flick My Own Private Idaho, renamed Endless Idaho, done by Franco using behind the scenes and deleted footage. It is 12 hours long. 12.

What does this 12 hours include? Location scouting! Interviews with actual street hustlers! Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix improvising!

Exhausted yet? Well, wake up, because there is a second movie, My Own Private River! This is just shots of Phoenix (Sorry Keanu!), set to an original score by Michael Stipe.

The films are accompanied by eight works on paper done by Van Sant. While this is of course remarkable, and obviously time consuming, it seems like phoning it in next to Franco.

The true test of Franco's exhibition remains to be seen however -- can he get "Sad Keanu" to sit in the corner of the gallery? Fingers crossed.

[via Gagosian Gallery]


  • The Winchester says:

    Pretty sure I just saw him outside of Mann's Chinese Theater dressed as Superman and taking pictures with tourists, too.
    Guy likes jobs!