Collect the Latest Awards-Season Trading Card Star: Melissa Leo

It's time once again to return to Movieline's recently undertaken mission to honor this year's acting and directing nominees with a tribute that will surely outlive any trophy they could ever hope to receive: one of our inaugural Awards-Season Trading Cards. Let's give it up for enthusiastic and/or controversial Best Supporting Actress nominee Melissa Leo!

[Click below for a bigger image, and click here to browse the full collection as it's unveiled.]


[Figures via Box Office Mojo]


  • Brian says:

    Okay so maybe I'm the only one that's actually collecting these trading cards, and call me a nerd if you will But, They go from #19 Jesse Eisenberg, to #21 Melissa Leo. What's the deal where is #20??

  • Wow! Someone IS paying attention! Basically, #20 got held back because of a, er, production error. Yeah. Actually I did kind of have to mix up the whole last batch for reasons too tedious to go into here. But you'll get #20, don't worry. Thanks for collecting!