Chloe Moretz Takes To Twitter, Again, To Announce New Project With Elle Fanning And Hailee Steinfeld

Forget the trades, Chloe Moretz is taking on the task of announcing all new projects herself. Less than a month after informing the world via her Twitter that she would be guest starring on 30 Rock, Moretz is now getting excited for her new project with two of young Hollywood's hottest stars -- Elle Fanning and Hailee Steinfeld. What could it be? Charlie's Angels: The Beginning? The Sex & The City Prequel? Tell us Chloe!

It's a photo shoot! "Shooting with #ElleFanning and #HaileeSteinfeld tomorrow for #Vogue =] #BruceWeber is shooting so exciting =] love him xxxx big day night," the young ingenue tweeted.

What Moretz may be unaware of is just how little Ms. Anna Wintour cares for people sharing what is upcoming in the pages of her magazine. Young Chloe will no doubt be receiving a chilly talking to from the editrix, likely limiting tweets from the shoot today. Let's just hope it does not put a permanent end to Moretz's online shares. Who needs a publicist when you have Twitter?

[ @ChloeGMoretz ]