Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rocks Out, Natalie Portman Cries In New Clip From Hesher

After the Academy Awards next weekend, Natalie Portman needs a vacation. Girl has been working nonstop, and her upcoming break is well-deserved. This year alone Portman has starred in No Strings Attached and The Other Woman, done nonstop award shows and appearances for Black Swan and she's got the whole pregnancy gig. Oh, and that Thor flick coming up. And NOW there's her film Hesher, which will hopefully hit theaters and is already slated to play South-by-Southwest. She may wind up going Nina Sayers crazy if she don't slow it down.

The film tells the tale of a loner (Levitt), who encroaches upon the lives of a grieving family. Portman appears to play some sort of love interest who cites Napoleon Dynamite as a style inspiration. Such range that one.

This new clip from the pic, which premiered at Sundance in 2010 and has kind of been floating about ever since, is exactly what one would expect. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has long straggly hair and smokes a cigarette. Portman looks mousey and does that odd crying but not crying thing she always does. There is a small child.

Check it out below and wait for what is seeming more and more likely to be a straight-to-DVD release. And hey, if they go that route it's one less thing Nat has to get out and promote. Cut her some slack Hollywood.