Weinstein Company Enters 2012 Razzie Race With Outer Space Horror Flick Apollo 18

That greedy old Harvey Weinstein! With The King's Speech dominating the Academy Award nominations and looking like the front runner in most major categories next weekend, one would think the man would be content. Alas, it seems like his strong grasp over the Oscars is no longer enough and he must seize control of every awards show there is. Thus, surefire future Razzie nominee Apollo 18.

As Saturday Night Live's resident nightlife guru Stefon would say, "Apollo 18 has it all. Cute guys in astronaut suits, men covered in odd facial warts, unidentified moon footprints, quickly spreading bodily infections and extraterrestrial arachnids."

The combination of grainy hand held camera footage, courtesy of stranded on the moon astronauts, and odd alien creatures gives the whole thing a very Blair Moon Project vibe. Hopefully this too was shot for a marginal cost should anyone be hoping to recoup their investment.

Verdict: Had Apollo 13 been turned into a franchise of sorts, this seems to be about the quality one would expect from the sixth installment in the series. Pass.