Win a Free MacBook Air! Play Statuesque!

Statuesque225.jpgOscar season is coming down to the wire, folks, and for once, all of America has something at stake: A free MacBook Air. Or a free iPod. Or other cherished prizes offered in Movieline's Statuesque Oscar Picks sweepstakes. Have you signed up yet? Grab your friends and let me show you how it's done.

· Visit the contest home page to browse the nominees in the three applicable categories: Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress.

· Click your selection in each category, which will give you the option to share your pick on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or, if social media happens to frighten and/or appall you, via e-mail.

· Enter the message you wish shared, and let it rip. You're entered!

And here's the big thing: Every friend who enters from your referral means another entry for you. That new MacBook smell will emanate forth in no time flat. Give it a shot, and good luck!