Which Glee Cast Members Have the Best Shot At Being Movie Stars?

With I Am Number Four unspooling at theaters around the country (and in IMAX!), Dianna Agron becomes the first Glee star to graduate from McKinley High School to the silver screen. Four isn't Agron's maiden voyage into the world of film -- she had small roles in Burlesque and The Romantics last year -- but it is the first high profile movie appearance from any Glee star since the show exploded. Will Agron be the biggest movie star of the New Directions bunch? Ahead -- using nothing but common sense, speculation and bit of wishful thinking -- Movieline counts down the ten Glee students most likely to succeed.

10. Max Adler

As Karofsky -- the homophobic and closeted bully who forced Kurt to transfer schools -- Max Adler hasn't had to do much more than glower and act like a big jerk on Glee. Buried in the overblown post-Super Bowl episode, however, were some really sweet character moments for Adler to play: Confusion, sweetness, and even a bit of charm. He'll never lead a movie, but maybe cast him as the best friend in an indie coming-of-age flick and see what happens?

Odds of being a movie star: 40-to-1

9. Naya Rivera

As long as Naya Rivera maintains her pin-up status -- and as long as Hollywood makes crappy horror movies -- she will have something to do. After all, couldn't you imagine her playing one of the doomed co-eds in Piranha 3DD? Just sayin'.

Odds of being a movie star: 36-to-1

8. Cory Monteith

Surprise! You likely didn't expect to see Monteith so low on this list, but between his age (28) and his acting skills (Monteith is fine, but doesn't seem to have very much depth) future leading man status probably eludes him. Somewhere Chris Klein is nodding his head in sad agreement.

Odds of being a movie star: 33-to-1

7. Chord Overstreet

Despite coming down with Bieber Fever during the latest episode of Glee, Chord Overstreet has been a fairly welcome addition to the cast during this rocky second season. The problem is that he has yet to find a niche: Is he the handsome-but-goofy dork that Glee seems to be pushing him toward? Is he the cocky-and-handsome jock with a heart of gold? Whatever the case, the key word there is "handsome." For future casting directors his Brad Pitt-in-Thelma and Louise looks will only help.

Odds of being a movie star: 24-to-1

6. Chris Colfer

Everyone loves Chris Colfer. Unfortunately, everyone also loves Kurt. This means typecasting. To his credit, Colfer wrote a script for himself to star in: Struck by Lightning, a coming of age film which he plans to film over the Glee summer hiatus. If he continues to show himself to be a triple threat (singing, acting, writing), he could move up the list rapidly; if he's just writing Kurt the Movie, he could be in trouble.

Odds of being a movie star: 20-to-1

5. Harry Shum Jr.

Two words: Three Minutes. The ultra-violent short film that stars Harry Shum Jr. and a bad-ass lightsaber should be the Glee second-teamer's future calling card. Shum carries an innate charm and physicality that make him seem like a natural action star. Suggestion: A team-up with Jason Statham in the star's next meat grinder.

Odds of being a movie star: 17-to-1

4. Dianna Agron

Whether or not you think Agron possesses anything more than the blandly generic appeal of blond ingenues from Kirsten Dunst to Kristen Stewart, one thing is clear: Hollywood sorta does. Not only was she rumored to be on the shortlist for a role in The Amazing Spider-Man, she was also hand-picked by Steven Spielberg for I Am Number Four. Not bad.

Odds of being a movie star: 13-to-1

3. Heather Morris

Remember when the Internet pulled a collective muscle imagining Morris starring as Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Or when everyone went nuts for "Nuthin' but a Glee Thang"? Morris has had a breakout last six months, and between her looks, comedy chops and the fact that everyone seems to love her, it wouldn't be all that surprising to see an even bigger breakout happen in the future. As an unabashed (and totally biased) fan, fingers crossed.

Odds of being a movie star: 9-to-1

2. Darren Criss

It might not be the best thing for Glee, but Darren Criss' ascention to fame has provided everyone with a new favorite It Boy. As Criss told Movieline, he's the sort of newfangled renaissance man that might be too busy to find fame on the big screen. But should he decide that's the path he wants, Criss seems like a natural fit for all types of romantic comedies and familial dramas. That he looks like the type of youngster who could play George Clooney's son probably doesn't hurt either.

Odds of being a movie star: 7-to-1

1. Lea Michele

She might be a controversy magnet -- and she might have made Hailee Steinfeld almost cry -- but Lea Michele is a certifiable star. Like her character, Michele seems to be pre-programmed for stardom, and has the talent and will to reach that goal. In fact, if there is a hitch in her wagon, it's that the difference between Michele's public persona and Rachel Berry is still minimal. Otherwise, expect mostly smooth sailing: A stint on Glee, followed by a role in that Funny Girl revival that's happening on Broadway, followed by a role in the Funny Girl movie that will no doubt happen soon after, followed by an Oscar win for Best Actress. Hey, stranger things have happened...

Odds of being a movie star: 4-to-1.


  • Cassie says:

    Disagree completely. If another girl played Quinn, we would all hate Quinn but Dianna brought an emotional nuance to the character that is clearly lost on the less discerning minority and time will tell.

  • Jess says:

    Well then YAY for Cory already beating those odds. He's finished 2 movies and has another one on the way in which he's starring in and Producing, right?
    I'd say give it another year,I think by then it'll be easier to see who from this cast will succees long term.
    I honestly can't say for sure if any of them will be able to sustain anything in Hollywood after Glee. Most likely Colfer will likely be typecast, Mark just isn't very good at acting, the girls may all have a chance, the others who knows.

  • Mike says:

    This is not a "fan's opinion." Movieline is a respected website headed by respected critics and entertainment writers. This is an assessment from a professional, and I'd say he's right on the money. And as for critics saying she's an "emotive actor," I'd like to see where her Golden Globe or Emmy nominations are? Oh, that's right. Lea's the one who is consistently nominated for such awards and lauded by critics.
    Please take your senseless fan-whoring out of here.

  • Deborah says:


  • Deborah says:

    Chris Colfer will definitely have the better career because he is only 20 years old and adorable. He also has the most depth and the most talent. Besides that he can be comedic and then go from that to being vulnerable and dramatic. He definitely should be at the top and Lea Michele should definitely be last on the list. She is the least talented actress next to Dianna and Cory.

  • Yay Sun says:

    You can believe what you'd like. But if you think anyone is even going to know who Dianna Agron is in five years, you're deluded. And speaking in a whispers and changing between two facial expressions does not make you emotive, it makes you a terrible actress with a really limited range of abilities.
    At least Lea changes it up. She has her quiet moments and her great over the top Rachel Berry moments. I'm hoping Hollywood will forget to be racist for a little while and give her and Naya Rivera a chance because I think they, Lea especially, could do really great things.
    p.s. I Am 4 or whatever that movie is called is already getting terrible reviews.

  • Jane says:

    What are you talking about? Most people still hate Quinn despite the fact that Dianna's playing her. Quinn's awful.

  • Jane says:

    Oh, you're serious....

  • ABBY GAIL says:

    this list is pretty right, except for darren criss. i think he's kind of concieted. i've seen interviews and his personality turns me off. his acting is ok. definitely right about lea michele. this girl is the definition of a star. she has the voice of a century and can act like no body's bussiness. she plays rachel barry on glee perfectly, the show couldn't make it without her........aren't u glad we're getting back to seeing more of her? and she can do dramatic and turn the rachel barry off. remember her first iconic role in spring awakening? she was amazing, that is stregnth in dramatic acting. and on third wathch, she was on like 12 or something, that was impressive! she will prolly do tv, broadway, and movies. she is already booked for 2 movies. dorthy of oz and new years ever where she has lead roles. and she's a fashion icon. i feel like she'll take over like idina menzel and become a barbra striesand. lea is finally a true talent to hit hollywood and i think we are going to see big things from her. i

  • Caroline says:

    Oh the movie may not be getting good reviews, but guess who is: Dianna and Teresa are.
    Plus, to really put a list out try to predict is stupid. Hollywood is unpredictable.

  • Kristina says:

    I hate lists like this. Why do we have to rank them, why can't they all find success?
    Whether you like it or not, Dianna and the Gleeks will find her place in Hollywood. So shut up and deal with it.

  • Anne says:

    Um. most people may not like Quinn, but they still like Dianna.

  • Anne says:

    Lea will probably have a Kristin Chenoweth like career. Which would be nice.

  • Sean says:

    I hope all the actors find some sort of success in Hollywood or whatever venture they get into.
    People thinking they know what will happen to these kids need to shut up and just wait.

  • Anne says:

    umm what? It wasn't about Dianna, it was about Quinn. I think what she's saying is that people still hate Quinn. They don't like her any more or less just because Dianna's the one playing her. And I agree with Jane. As bland and inoffensive as I find Dianna to be, Quinn is a horrible, hypocritical, bible-thumping (worst Christian ever) brat.

  • Amanda says:

    I don't agree with Max being 10. I think he had a better chance of being a movie star than Cory and Chord. After the Superbowl episode it shows a lot of what he could do, and when Wolf town comes out I'm sure it would spark up. He's a very talented guy. I would put him to at least 8 or 7.

  • minty says:

    @Amanda A glorified extra above Cory or Chord? Please, Cory is miles ahead of him in looks and acting ability. And he's already established himself as the male lead. Chord is cute, but he needs to work on his acting a little bit more.

  • Joep says:

    The writer of this article hasn't really been paying close attention to Colfer, I think. The variaty in characters he acts out merely during INTERVIEWS is astounding. He just gets in character and DOES IT.
    No, he won't be acting in silly romantic comedies like perhaps Heather Morris would, but directors would be stupid not to hire him for the more interesting roles. I'm talking Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton... I'm telling you, he's the new Meryl Streep/ Johnny Depp.
    I would say Chris is number two, at the LEAST.
    Perhaps this article is more realistic than I'd want it to be, but all that prooves is that Hollywood really isn't about talent at all.

  • Joy says:

    I'm not sure what interviews you have been watching, Abby Gail, because Darren is always humble about his good fortune in landing the part of Blaine on Glee, and is always graciously complimentary about this coworkers and Glee in general. That is what I most admire about this young man. He also is articulate about his character, and seems to have a good work ethic and sense of responsibility in portraying Blaine.
    I also enjoy how Darren is courageous enough to simply be himself during his recent public appearances. He is unafraid to show his enthusiasm and, as he puts it, "fanboy-ing". He has yet to wear a "public persona" mask and this makes him vulnerable to those that are quick pass judgement, but his honest exuberance also makes him a joy to watch in both real life and "reel" life. I look forward to enjoying this young throughout his career--which I predict, like the article, to be a long and fruitful one.

  • sandra says:

    The fact that you feel this hateful towards Quinn means Dianna is doing her job. You see how your hating blinds your judgment that you can't even see when you contradict yourself? LOL.
    I am sure you are a butthurt finchel shipper. Thats where all the Dianna insults stem from and everybody knows it and takes none of you seriously.
    Oh and movieline has this list. Msnbc has a different list where Dianna is number 1. Time will tell.

  • I guess I am not much of a Gleek because I don't know most of these people by their real names. Here's hoping that Heather Morris becomes the star we all know she is already.

  • Anne says:

    So much fail. Little girl, you're stanning is borderline ridiculous. People are allowed to express their opinions on Dianna's (lack of) ability as an actress without it being an attack on her, or you.

  • Fin says:

    Please don't hate me if cause I'm beautiful. Acting wise all she has shown she can do is bitchy. Her dramatic acting is nothing special, she just doesn't have "it". Her comedic acting if you can call it that is even worse.
    Just because she has gotten a few roles doesn't mean she is good. I have actually cringed at some of her line readings. Of the kids she is miles behind Lea and Naya.

  • Kyle says:

    I'm not sure Naya should be so far down the list, season 3 is really showing off her acting chops, I think she might be the most likely star to come out of this