Tyra Banks Apes ANTM Contestants; is Hilarious

· You heard it here: Tyra Banks is hilarious on purpose. In the new promo for America's Next Top Model, Ms. Banks skewers the worst types of contestants in the show's history. The "cookie cutter" remark made me cry through my smize.


· Larry King says Piers Morgan was "oversold" to the U.S. Larry also added that he can't believe the price of butterscotch candies and aftershave these days. [BBC]

· Kat Dennings landed a CBS pilot. [Vulture]

· Two and a Half Men may go on without a studio audience. This is a good way of exposing the show as the grim Gothic drama it really is. [E! Online]

· Rob Corrdry also landed a pilot! He's Nate's brother. [Deadline]