The Return of the Moonwalker: The German Michael Jackson Zombie Clown Movie You've Been Waiting For

Do you ever have that recurring nightmare where midgets and German circus folk take commands from talking toilets and wear Hitler masks and cast spells to bring Michael Jackson back from the dead in zombie form? If you didn't before, you will now after watching this trailer for the insane-sounding German flick The Return of the Moonwalker. Happy holiday weekend!

The good folks at Twitchfilm unearthed this cult film in the making, which appears to be an English-language production by Berlin-area performers and filmmakers. There's really no good way to prepare you for what awaits you in The Return of the Moonwalker (visit the official website here), so just dive in knowing you'll see the following potentially disturbing items:

  • - A priest disparaging a sorcerer
  • - Rioting clowns
  • - Little persons engaged in sexual relations
  • - MJ's severed, gloved hand
  • - "You gonna make Jacko stew!?"
  • - A guy in a rubbery Hitler mask asking, "Did you miss me?"
  • - Clown-on-clown violence
  • - The scariest Michael Jackson prosthetics ever created (I think)
  • - Jesus with bombs strapped to his chest yelling, "Make my day!"

(Viewer beware: it's unrated and features, among other things, sex, blood, clowns, and a rotting, zombified Michael Jackson -- the stuff of nightmares, indeed.)

Verdict: I, for one, cannot wait to take in Moonwalker in its full glory. (Fantastic Fest programmers, are you reading this?) Unfortunately, release details are TBD, so you'll have to make do with the trailer for now.

[Upon further investigation by Movieline, it appears that The Return of the Moonwalker, also known under the title The Cabinet of Dr. Cagliostro, filmed in Berlin last year under directors Mike Maria and Mike Moreau. More pics and info on the film, courtesy of Stilfabrik and the filmmakers, after the jump.]

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  • dayleslover says:

    Most of the coupons don't even work unless you use good websites some of them Printapons retail me not etc, so do some research before you buy anything!

  • Sparrow says:

    One word; Sick. You're off the edge of the map on this one, mate. May God have mercy on the souls who created this one. So this is Germany's best foot forward eh? Bad form.

  • HelenaMary says:

    This is sick
    I hope the Michael Jackson Estate get wind of this and sue them

  • pinkyt says:

    Can't say I find it offensive so much as completely batshit insane. Are we sure Uwe Boll had nothing to do with this?

  • TurdBlossom says:

    Oh great. Some buzzkill went and complained to the iron fisted overlords at YouTube and they removed it. Boo.

  • MichaelPureSoul says:

    What the hell is this about? Wow has the world really gone mad?How is this something people have been waiting for? Not unless they are psychos ! Pathetic morons could think about such disrespect to the memory of another human being !

  • RESPECT MJ! says:

    You are so incredibly disgusting.
    Explotation of Michael jackson to make up for your own lack of talent.
    Damn Nazi mentality.

  • fritz says:

    nazi mentality? ey, leave the german bashing out of this lol...
    braindead idiots are all over this planet... and mostly in the us of a, remember.
    i want my 5 minutes back i spent on this website.
    this is such a crap... its beyond words...

  • Earthgirl58 says:

    What kind of mature intelligent adults make these kind of films? It's striking how we expect our children to have respect for other human beings, yet we are teaching them it's ok to slander and make fun of another if there is money to be made. This goes for all the tabloid trash, magazines who try to destroy innocent lives for greed, for $$$$. We are teaching future generations that it's "ok" to profit off off lies and false allegations if it brings in the bucks! How sad this is. How embarrassing we are, that our country allows this. How we look to the outside world is why we are frowned upon. Because of freedom of speech. This will change soon. There will be many changes with the new presidency. God bless America.

  • Daniel says:

    Get a life, you prudes. What do you want? Lawrence Welk? This film does not seem "sick" at all. It looks reasonably funny to me. I don't see anything mean-spirited, nasty, or vindictive about it. And I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan.

  • cris_ho says:

    This comes from a sick mind for sick people. And the huge fan that thinks this is funny is worse than the people that created this abomination. I wonder if this was about your father you would think the same. Don´t forget this man has three little children than suffer for his lost.

  • Karli JACKSON says:

    Do you really call this a movie? God! This is a Shit! Come on it's not funny Stop! Leave Michael Jackson! Leave Him! it's enough

  • Marty says:

    I can't imagine how stupid and sick people must be to watch this horrible "movie". I hope this damn actors and the creater of this crap get their punishment here before going to hell.

  • Toni says:

    I can't believe how sick this is! Such tripe, I hope the MJ estate sues their ass!

  • Greet Boete says:

    Never thought that there existed on earth people that were THAT stupid and, yes, evil, dirty, disrespectful. A shame and disgrace to humanity and Mr. Jackson. A movie worth the biggest boycott ever.

  • Katherine says:

    Esta pelicula es una MIERDA

  • gi says:

    There is no reason they would use Michael Jackson's name, unless they want publicity for this horrible movie.
    Some people like this kind of movie and it's no problem. But my problem is why use his name, there is no reason for it, other than to gather publicity.

  • nj says:

    yes this is tooooo sick for words!!!! They have no job I think Oo i'm sorry they have no life!!! Michael we miss you and we love you

  • Leela says:

    This looks like a very bad amateur made movie, though I sure hope they have enough money to pay the Michael Jackson estate when they'll sue their asses!

  • Michael Jackson`s fans must not allow this fucking ugly movie to come out. Prevent the spread !!

  • MONA OSMAN says:


  • Sandra says:

    This is sick, an absolute waste, things like that are sad, they don't help nobody in any way. Please make the world a better place and sign this petition.

  • Henry Vaughn says:

    uh-oh, This is gonna piss off the German Michael Jackson admirers. Hell, I'm from USA and I'm SUPER PISSED OFF! Thankfully this pc. of crap, whatever you call it, is only headed to no-wheres-ville. hahahHaHaHaAHAHAHHAHA

  • arefsi says:

    this is bull shit, rubbish, how dare you trash a man that changed the course of history.

  • jerry says:

    You pussies.Stop complaining, this will be hilarious.