Naked Ping Pong Trumps Stars in Girl Walks into a Bar Trailer

The trailer for Sebastian Gutierrez's Girl Walks into a Bar features of a number of faces you may recognize, including Danny Devito, Josh Hartnett, Zachary Quinto, Rosario Dawson and Carla Gugino. They spend the entire trailer firing self-conscious dialogue at each other, waving around guns and sometimes doing sexy dances (not Devito, don't worry). But really all you're going to remember here is the room full of no-name actors playing ping-pong totally naked.

The trailer knows this, which is probably why it cuts multiple times to said naked ping pong scene, complete with black bars over the NSFW areas. Honestly, even this seems a bit to purposefully wacky to sell me on this movie, but it's still more interesting than the rest of the trailer.

Otherwise, watching this preview is like entering some time warp back to the 90's when Tarantino had just hit it big and every other director seemed to think that if they just threw some gangsters, dark comedy and desperately hip dialogue together and put it on auto-pilot, that they could make the next Pulp Fiction. So yes, expect interlocking-story ensemble piece with hits taken out on wives, wives cheating on husbands and tons of people sitting at bars talking and trying to be clever.

But hey! Just in case I'm wrong, this movie is going to be available to watch on You Tube for free starting March 11, so you can always take a look at the first ten minutes to see what kind of nuances couldn't be captured in the trailer. Or just fast forward to see the naked ping pong scene (presumably) without black bars.

Verdict: Pass.