Movieline's Week in Review: Rage Against the Meh-chine

Three. Day. Weekend. Thank you, Messrs. President! And thank you, loyal reader, for your patience and patronage during this most trying of weeks: A computer won on Jeopardy! A pop idol broke his halo. Big Momma 3 was uncorked. The look on Sean Penn's face said it all. The good news? We have a holiday weekend to recover. So let's commence now with Movieline's Week in Review, and be sure to drop by in the days ahead for guest editor Chris Spargo's piercing insight and dashing ways. Enjoy your weekend!

· From the Berlinale to Bad Movies We Love, we had film coverage for literally every taste.

· We had an exclusive interview with Watson, who mercilessly pulverized two humans in his first step toward world supremacy.

· Thanks to our other illustrious interviewees as well, including Anne Heche, Roger Deakins, Dianna Agron, Craig Ferguson, Alex Pettyfer, Teresa Palmer, and James Lesure.

· Of all the relevant things that happened at the Grammys, it took a Justin Bieber PR crisis to get us really hot.

· Thanks in part to Charlie Sheen's expert romance tips, Valentine's Day was a rollicking success.

· Despite low expectations (and everything you've heard), SNL was very good!

· Some toys weren't as fun as they looked.

· We cautioned this year's eventual Oscar-winners against needless cynicism at the podium.

· Sean Penn was disconsolate in Vienna. Nothing 10 delightfully goofy TV openings can't fix!