Hall Pass Red Band Trailer: Is Jason Sudeikis Horny Enough for You?

Jason Sudeikis was convincing as Floyd, Liz Lemon's ideal boyfriend on 30 Rock, so the obvious next question is: Can he also play the worst husband on Earth? The new Farrelly brothers movie Hall Pass lets us find out, and its red band trailer is full of the booby jokes, boners, and swear words that will scandalize junior high schools across remote parts of the Midwest. Also, Owen Wilson is Carson Kressly now.

Yep, that's all I need to see. The men are voracious horndogs, the women are humorless droids, and enough gross-out whizzbang is employed to thrill the slumber party demographic. Expected. But will the Anchorman/Wedding Crashers brand of awful bodily slang die soon? It's been a long time coming. I covered my face when Sudeikis blurted, "What about the correlation between floppy boobs and largemouth vaginas?" I winced when Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate stood silently when watching their husbands make fools of themselves. And I threw up in my mouth and everybody else's after that loathsome "pick-up line."

Plus, vaguely downtrodden Owen Wilson isn't adding much to this, other than a haircut I'm clutching my chin at. We'll have to rely on mysterious co-star Joy Behar, who's enjoying her first real film role since 1996's Love is All There Is (starring a fresh-faced Angelina Jolie), for real amusement. Trust me, that's not something I say often about View panelists.

Verdict: Crassturbation.