Here's Your First Look at Henry Cavill Wearing a Superman T-Shirt

If Henry Cavill being cast as Superman made you sit up and say, "Who?" then the latest issue of EW is certainly required skimming. The magazine -- on newsstands now -- puts the new Man of Steel directly on its cover and delves into the casting process on the highly anticipated Warner Bros. reboot. It also offers fans their first look at Cavill with the patented red "S" on his chest. Sorta. Click ahead to see the totally casual cover photo.


If Superman doesn't work out, there's always a career for Cavill modeling Hanes clothes.

· This Week's Cover: The new 'Superman' speaks! An exclusive interview with Henry Cavill. PLUS: Previewing Hollywood's new crop of superhero franchises [EW]


  • Brian says:

    He is the UK's answer to Casper Van Dien. I would pay to see a cage match between those two to decide who is the King of the Himbos. Terrible actor, dragged down every Tudor's scene he was in. Then again, Superman has always been played by third rate actors, so I guess he's par for course. At least he looks the part.

  • metroville says:

    There's that... But, also, you've admitted to having watched The Tudors. So nobody wins, here.

  • Donald says:

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