Can You Honestly Tell the Difference Between Glee and Kidz Bop's 'Tik Tok'?

This Glee show that Julie likes is out of control. It's unfunny, witlessly tone-shifty, and a pox on this Golden Age of Television that keeps happening. Also, the "music" is scathing! Case in point: In the musical preview for next week's episode, we hear the show's clear-best character Brittany lead Ke$ha's "Tik Tok." Compare that rendition to the Kidz Bop Kids version and tell me if there's really any difference (besides the awesomely kid-friendly lyrics).

First, the Glee version (complete with snippets of other songs from next week's episode).

And now, the Kidz Bop "Tik Tok." They're trynna get a little bit sill-yyyy.

I can't help that you watch this show either.