Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Finds Its Mary Todd

winstead_120.jpgMary Elizabeth Winstead might have been passed over for The Avengers (love ya, Mary Elizabeth, but Team Cobie all the way!), but it appears she hasn't been left out of the franchise sweepstakes. The Scott Pilgrim vs. The World star has reportedly landed the lead female role in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Winstead will play Mary Todd opposite Benjamin Walker's vampire killing president. Expect every geek you know to be very excited about this news. [THR/Heat Vision]


  • The Winchester says:

    If only Liz Merriwether would write it, then my geek crushes would be contained in one whole film!

  • Brian says:

    Good for Winstead. She looked like The Next Big Thing in 2007, then kind of disappeared for a couple of years. BTW, Cobie Smulders is just a sit com actress and should not have been cast in The Avengers. Too bad for Winstead and Baccarin on that one, either would have been much better for the role.

  • Christopher Rosen says:


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