The Banksy Oscar Campaign Continues: New Street Art Spotted in Los Angeles

While the the authorship consensus on the first Exit Through the Giftshop-related Oscar Campaign Art favored Mr. Brainwash, two new pieces have surfaced in LA that many sites say are the work of the Banksy himself. Though I suppose if you think Banksy is Mr. Brainwash, then these pieces bring the campaign art tally to three. Anyway, it seems that Banksy has at least made it to LA and that he's not giving up the golden statue without a fight. Well, assuming that he indeed created these pieces. But hey, they are fueling the buzz either way, so all aboard the Banksy Oscar train! Click through to see murals and send kind thoughts to the Academy, who are probably even more uneasy now.



Located in Westwood on Kinross Street, in between Westwood and Glendon.


Located on Sunset Blvd in the Sunset Strip, across the street from Pink Dot.

[Movie City News, Melrose and Fairfax]


  • asdf says:

    I don't think that anyone thinks Bansky and Mr, Brainwash are the same person. considering they had conversations in the documentary and the quality in artwork is night and day

  • ILDC says:

    Bansky likes to mess with people.

  • stolidog says:

    Wouldn't the idea of Bansky going to LA and putting up pieces in the city in a campaign to get the award negate everything he theoretically stands for?

  • Andrew says:

    I don't see it as campaigning as much as it is a convenient opportunity for him to throw up some new artwork around town.
    Either way, I don't know if Bansky "stands" for anything.
    One of the greatest parts of "Exit Through the Gift Shop" is that the movie makes a pretty good argument that all art (especially street art) is inherently meaningless.

  • Nate says:

    I think you completely missed the point of "Exit Through the Gift Shop."
    Street art has meaning. The film pokes fun at modern art culture and it's shallowness through satire. Examples: the women who had her favorite art in a closet upstairs or MBW being massively popular with no skill or message. Even the title points out the emphasis on making money.

  • Julie K. says:

    It is not important whether Mr. Brainwash is or isn't Banksy, is it? If you see a street art piece well done, not vandalising but making the surroundings more interesting, the only important thing is whether you like it or not.
    So, either these pieces were done by Banksy or not, I would like to say that these are very good, especially child soldier is awesome, the idea with crayons instead of bullets is very impressive.

  • Mogul says:

    The title "Exit Through The Gift Shop" is a shot at the commercialism of art in general. I think Banksy is a very smart artist who makes no bones about being more about the art than the money. Most artist with half the buzz he has would plaster thier face all over everything. The fact that he has the biggest name in the art world right now but still opts to remain "unknown" speaks volumes. Not to mention that he is sooooo Hip-Hop.....