'Superman' Charlie Sheen Calls The Dan Patrick Show to Address Chuck Lorre

"We have to now call it The Charlie Sheen/Dan Patrick Show," so said Charlie Sheen on the phone with Dan Patrick again on the Wednesday morning edition of The Dan Patrick Show. You'll recall that Sheen spent 28 minutes on Monday discussing his dislike of sobriety and the Albert Pujols-like value he holds to CBS, but in their latest chat the star seemed most concerned with his Two and a Half Men producer, Chuck Lorre.

When asked about the vanity cards that Lorre placed at the end of both Two and a Half Men and Mike & Molly on Monday night, Sheen said he was totally, 100 percent... flattered.

Everybody tried to turn it into a feud. [...] People are like, 'Oh my God, Dude, he's all over you -- we must drive over there and kill him now!' [...] I said 'Guys, guys guys. Take a step back. This is like a gigantic compliment. Chuck offered an olive branch.' That's how I interpreted it. He's going through all this stuff about what he does. This is about him personally. It doesn't get to me, it's not about me until the end. It's a reflection of how he feels, in comparison to how my insane my life appears at times. So, I took it as a huge compliment. He basically wrote a brilliant little piece of literature and called me Superman. Don't people get it?

Probably not? Especially considering that Lorre's Mike & Molly vanity card seemed to paint an unnamed Sheen as a washed up and "dead inside" shell of a man. Perhaps that's from one of those unpublished Superman comics.

Sheen also said that he would come on the show again were Patrick to get Lindsay Lohan on the air. "You get Lindsay on the show, I will call in. I've got some advice for her. I've got some things I would recommend she consider because I don't tell anybody what to do. Just try to think things through a little bit before you do them." Noted.

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