Never Say Anything: Justin Bieber Tells Rolling Stone His Thoughts on Abortion, Health Care

bieber_rs_225.jpg· That bubbling noise you're hearing right now isn't the shoddy plumbing in your office building -- it's the hot water surrounding pop superstar -- and movie star! -- Justin Bieber. "I really don't believe in abortion," the Biebs tells Rolling Stone. "It's like killing a baby?" Would he feel differently in the case of rape? "Um. Well, I think that's really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I guess I haven't been in that position, so I wouldn't be able to judge that." Click ahead to see the Rolling Stone cover and to read Bieber's thoughts on U.S. health care, then stick around for more Buzz Break.

What was that about health care, JB? "Canada's the best country in the world. We go to the doctor and we don't need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you're broke because of medical bills. My bodyguard's baby was premature, and now he has to pay for it. In Canada, if your baby's premature, he stays in the hospital as long as he needs to, and then you go home." Expect to hear this quote regurgitated on The O'Reilly Factor later this evening. [Rolling Stone]

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  • SunnydaZe says:

    Charlie Sheen=Superman CHECK
    Justin Beiber=Superboy CHECK
    Kristen Stewart=Lois Lane CHECK
    My underground shelter built CHECK

  • cameron says:

    How much would it cost me to share your shelter?

  • cameron says:

    So, I was raped for a reason?! That's ok then.

  • Brian says:

    Wow, he has probably pissed off most people on both sides of the political aisle with those comments. I can't believe that his handlers didn't stop the interview.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    You can be my bodyguard but you are responsible for your own health care. Deal?

  • GeoffieTheKid says:

    We're in rough shape if it's important to us what Justin Bieber thinks about either of these issues. He's a kid and likely hasn't developed an informed opinion, so why they're even trying to get this stuff out of him is puzzling.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    There is nothing worse than rape as a non-sequitur.

  • pinkyt says:

    Between this and "Glee" last night, my complete indifference to Bieber has morphed into disgust.

  • Keith says:

    I got dibs on "long lost pal"

  • Roy says:

    Meh... he's entitled to his opinion. His point about healthcare is almost illuminating in its simplicity. People who should have support from their government don't get it, you know? As for abortion... well, I get sick of people who feel the only right thing to do is come down on one side of that issue. It's a complicated moral dilemma, and it shouldn't be controversial to express one of a multitude of possible opinions about it.
    There's little I can do to defend the 'happens for a reason remark' other than to say it was obviously thoughtless and daft and therefore merits no prolonged criticism. However, the fact that it was immediately followed by a comment demonstrating more sensitivity and humility than most appear capable of when it comes to this issue is telling and to his credit.
    See? It took the abortion and healthcare debates to make me defend Justin Bieber.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Thanks to google, I get that.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    This in reply to Keith about "Long Lost Pal".

  • Andrew says:

    Liberals : "Justin Bieber hates women!"
    Conservatives: "Justin Bieber is a socialist!"
    Andrew: "Lawl"

  • Andrew says:

    Holy crap. That interview is even jucier than the stuff you guys posted.
    "The Canadian-born Bieber never plans on becoming an American citizen. "You guys are evil," he jokes."
    I wanna see Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity take that out of context.
    "He isn't sure what political party he'd support if he was old enough to vote. 'I'm not sure about the parties,' Bieber says. 'But whatever they have in Korea, that's bad.'"
    Whatever they have in Korea....that's bad. El Oh El.

  • I presume he means North Korea? Does he actually know the difference, or is it all one paranoid, secretive, famine-gripped, nuke-rocking totalitarian hellhole to him?

  • klb says:

    I heard about this on the radio. His quote was cutoff. After saying everything happens for a reason, he said he didn't know what reason anyone could have for ever doing something like that.

  • Brittany Autumn says:

    well said!!

  • Wet behind the ears says:

    Bieber has zero talent, so why would we expect him to have educated opinions? Plus, he's not a girl, he doesn't care what a girl goes through. But in real life, not hollywood life, a boy who knocks up a girl is in panic mode, because his life is over. In Bieber's case, he would just stash the girl in an apartment and mail her checks, like his rapper friends.
    So really...I guess this makes him the male celeb version of Bristol Palin, because they're both rich and wet behind the ears. If he was an average kid and was asked to quit school, quit going out, quit buying stuff for his car and drive an old beater instead, work two jobs to pay for diapers, food, medical care, and a hundred other things involving rasing a human being,...then I think he's say to the girl...uh, you sure you wanna keep it?
    Plus all the rappers are baby-daddies, they believe in spreading their seed around. And he's exposed to that, he sees it.

  • Sally says:

    I agree, he should have kept his mouth shut, he has no business talking about abortion. But as far as letting "kids be kids," unfortunately the reality is that kids make other kids pregnant. So obviously sex education, something even so simple as wearing a condom if nothing else, is needed.

  • chezwig says:

    right on Roy, I have to say I don't agree w/ everything he said. However, he is entitled to his opinion and it seems pretty astute for a kid of his age. RE The "everything happens for a reason " comment, I get where he is coming from. Bad things happen to good people all the time. I don't believe God makes them happen. He allows them to happen though. What matters to him is how a person handles the situation. Gods wisdom is infinite, ours is infinitesimal.