Aussie Newswoman Mocks Co-Anchor's Penis On Air

· Yes, there are problematic issues within this clip from an Australian newscast where anchor Belinda Heggen mocks her co-anchor Mark Aiston's little Aiston. For one, it's sexual harassment. For two, her comic timing could be better. Ultimately, the whole interaction appears planned, but still, cringe with us. [Jezebel]

· Another Oprah lover came forward. How loved can one person be?! [Gawker]

· Apparently Cher is still signed on to play Mother Superior in a Three Stooges movie. [NYMag]

· Yep, Glee surpassed Elvis Presley's record for most singles on the Hot 100 chart. They're all just as influential to the future of rock 'n roll, I'm sure.[Reuters]

· Ashton Kutcher's seeking out someone to be his "VP of pop culture." I think Dennis Kucinich has a shot here. [USA Today]


  • HwoodHills says:

    1. The video link for the Aussie comment is dead.
    2. After doing a search for it, it's not worth watching anyway.

  • Quirky- says:

    I'm not sure why this video is going viral, because I've seen funnier Aussie newscasts where the presenter actually had comic timer. That said, I don't think it was planned. We just have more casual (well, as casual as one can get when it comes to the news) news on our commercial channels.
    I wish Glee would just hurry up and die already.

  • ROb says:

    you can relink to the video offically on youtube from the network. See above