The 10 Most Delightfully Goofy Television Opening Credit Sequences Of All-Time

You might not realize this, but The Amazing Spider-Man -- the Marc Webb-directed reboot of the Spidey mythology due in theaters next summer -- already exists. Sorta: The Amazing Spider-Man was actually the title of a late '70s made-for-TV movie and subsequent series. Revisiting that long-forgotten series is a peek back in time because it comes from that strange era (or, depending on your perspective, great era) of television: The late '70s to early '90s. A time which gave us some of the goofiest opening credit sequences in the history of the medium. In the spirit of the original Amazing Spider-Man, let's look at ten of the cheesiest television opening credits of all-time.

[If we missed one that you think deserves to be included, let us know in the comments.]

The Amazing Spider-Man (1978)

OK, I see an animated web graphic. Now there's the Chrysler Building, but where is... AH! There's Spider-Man! Oh, and now he's... jumping and crouching. We can only hope that Andrew Garfield's version has a sequence as great (and star a woman named Chip).

Beverly Hills 90210 (1990)

People forget the opening title sequence from the first season did not have each member of the cast doing the dramatic "turn around and look at the camera" maneuver. Instead, we get Jim Walsh on the keyboard. These opening credits also included Douglas Emerson and his Lakers hat as the ill-fated Scott Scanlon. I'm sure Emerson, whose character was killed off during the second season, was thrilled with how happy and cool (and still cheesy) the cast looked without him.

Bring 'em Back Alive (1982)

Bring 'em Back Alive reunited Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan -- who starred with each other in the original Tron -- in an Indiana Jones rip-off about a big game hunter. The opening title sequence is pure cheesy gold. It's debatable if any show in the history of television quite encapsulated the "stop what you're doing, look at the camera and smile" technique better than Bring 'em Back Alive. Now, speaking of Tron...

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