Video: The Johnny Depp/Justin Bieber Meet-Up That God Promised

· Over the weekend, Dixon Gaines mentioned this seismic meet-up of heaven's gatekeepers Johnny Depp and Justin Bieber, and finally we have video evidence of the Rango press conference in all its sky-shattering glory. Beliebers, stand up! Depphards, puff out your chests! Others, be afraid. [YouTube]

· Martin Lawrence is still down for Bad Boys III, guys. [Vulture]

· Damn it. The last person I wanted to see giving Ann Coulter a rose was Isaiah Mustafa (the Old Spice guy). [Mediaite]

· Justin Timberlake will guest-star as -- and I can't believe I have to type this -- a singing booger on The Cleveland Show. [EW]

· I can't imagine how excited your aria-loving auntie is to see the Anna Nicole Smith opera in London. [Yahoo]