Even Stuttering Experts Love The King's Speech

kingsspeech_rev_thumb.jpgMove over Queen Elizabeth II and Andy Rooney, there's a new King's Speech champion in town. Sheryl Gottwald, a professor of speech who specializes in stuttering at the University of New Hampshire, says the Oscar front-runner perfectly illustrates the hard-road that must be taken to overcome stuttering. "The emotional turmoil that dealing with stuttering causes was represented just beautifully," she said in a press release. "Encouragement, building his sense of self and sense of self-esteem was such a big piece of King George's treatment, and it's still a big piece of what we do today." What random person will profess their love for The King's Speech next? Stay tuned...


  • Martini Shark says:

    This is just blatant pandering for Oscar votes. what Next? Are we going to get served David Bowe lauding it as an expert because he used to sing "Ch-ch-ch-Changes"?!