Donald Glover Compares Genitalia to Carrots on New Rap Single 'Freaks and Geeks'

Here at Movieline, we discovered last month that Donald Glover is a polite gentleman with a Back to the Future jones, so we're surprised to see that his new rap single (off the EP Be Alone) is so casually vulgar. We're not surprised that it's kind of fantastic. Using the pseudonym Childish Gambino, the Community star makes eye-popping references to The Big Bang Theory, Minority Report, and his vegetable-like penis. Listen to the NSFW track after the jump.

Two favorite lines: "An elephant never forgets, so my d*ck remembers everything," and, of course, "My d*ck is made of carrots / bunnies wanting to be fed it / I meant honeys / oh, forget it." Oh, forget it! Glover has released three rap albums previously, but this is the only one that seems tailor-made for the Easter season. Enjoy with your loved ones.

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