Zhang Ziyi's Mulan Poster Looks Awfully Familiar

Zhang Ziyi's new movie Mulan, the Legend of a Woman Warrior (Jin Guo Ying Xiong) may be based on a sixth-century Chinese folk story, but the poster would lead you to believe it originated in 1998 alongside a dragon played by Eddie Murphy. Since I want this movie to be great (and since Speed director Jan de Bont will direct an English-language version), let's take a look at this poster and point out some strange likenesses.


It looks a little hand-drawn anyway, but match up the title font and color scheme and I'd say we have a Dinsey-riffic poster on our hands. Plus, is that really Zhang Ziyi?



Hopefully Mulan's "legend" will supersede all comparisons to Ming-Na characters. That includes the Disney Mulan and that other misbegotten warrior Chun Li. Chris Klein, you are not forgiven.

· Zhang Ziyi's New Movie 'Mulan' Releases Poster [CRIEnglish]


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