VIDEO: Andy Rooney Latest Old Person to Love The King's Speech

Take that, Queen Elizabeth II! At the end of 60 Minutes on Sunday night, reliably old Andy Rooney revealed his own personal ties to The King's Speech. "I don't go to the movies very often," Rooney began, "but recently I saw The King's Speech [...] I like movies that remind me of something I know about." Rooney went on to discuss his own brush with King George VI during World War II. No truth to the rumor that The Weinstein Company is already crafting a press release about this monumental endorsement. Click ahead to watch, whippersnapper.


  • Patrick McEvoy-Halston says:

    I don't see the joke: wouldn't an American stutterer make for camaraderie, a bit of easement of all that all-the-way-through-the-line trumping of the king? Or is it that stuttering is mostly an assault on the ear, and so the American would just then be returning fire? Must be it, I guess.

  • fl says:

    Something about this segment put a smile on my face. Its sweet. Andy Rooney is all old, and prune like, and waaay cute. like omg.