See Andrew Garfield Wearing His Spidey Mask in Latest Still from The Amazing Spider-Man

Since Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark was already taken -- and since Spider-Man already exists, and came out only nine years ago -- Marc Webb and Sony Pictures have landed on The Amazing Spider-Man as the title for their highly anticipated Spider-Man reboot, thus ensuring that hacky box office reporters have a headline for July 3, 2012. (Spider-Man Opening Amazing!) In other friendly neighborhood news, a new production still of Andrew Garfield in his Spidey costume has been released, this time with the mask included. Is this actually Garfield in the still or just some extra? Click ahead to decide for yourself.


[via Deadline]


  • Dimo says:

    The suit actually looks good (for once) in low light. They should call it "Turn ON the Dark"

  • TurdBlossom says:

    Not Garfield, unless the FX team is blowing the budget to make him appear more filled out.
    I really want to be interested in this movie, but so far it's flatlining for me.

  • casting couch says:

    After only a handful of set photos and this? Talk about hard to please.