Howard Stern Now The King of All Twitter, Too

howard-stern120.jpgThe running joke amongst long-time Howard Stern listeners is that he invented everything -- hoo hoo, Robin -- but The King of All Media did tseem to legitimately create something brand new over the weekend: The Twitter Commentary. During a Saturday afternoon showing of Private Parts on HBO, Stern used his Twitter handle (@HowardStern) to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film. Nothing earth-shattering -- would you be surprised to know that Jenna Jameson was comfortable being naked? -- but easily one of the best celebrity uses of the medium to date. Sorry, Kanye West and your half-assed attempt to live-tweet the Grammys! [@HowardStern]


  • Stern's decline has been so sad to watch. He's chock full of himself, and not in that fun, blustery way, and it's apparent the fire in his belly is no more. Now, he exists to defend his legacy, take us much vacation time as an employed person can and remind us how wonderful he is. Better make that, "was," Howard.

  • Alex says:

    The idea of a Twitter commentary is cool, though I'd rather have a live commentary with a bit more depth to it, like e-mails or a podcast.