From Casablanca to Rocky: A Love Scene Sampler For Valentine's Day!

Forget the last-minute chocolate sampler that your significant other will give you tonight. Do you know what won't test your peanut allergy or go on clearance at midnight? A variety of your favorite big-screen love scenes that Movieline has carefully hand-picked for you, dear reader. From the traditional to the messy forbidden love, there is something on this custom Valentine's Day list for everyone -- even Cupid's non-believers. Enjoy, and as always, we'd love to hear about your own favorite love scenes below.

9. The Triumphant Love Scene: Rocky 2

Everything Rocky Balboa does is f*cking triumphant. Okay, guys? Whether it's naming animals, improvising training methods, expressing himself verbally or proposing to his girl Adrienne in front of the tiger exhibit at the zoo -- Rocky is triumphant. I hope that everyone's Valentine's Day is one percent as special as this scene is. But it's unlikely.

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