Charlie Sheen Throws Two and a Half Men Team Under the Bus

· It wouldn't be a day on the Planet Earth without some news about Charlie Sheen. The latest? Sheen called into The Dan Patrick Show to blast his Two and a Half Men employers about shutting down show production. "We're on forced hiatus," Sheen said. "They said you get ready, we'll get ready. I got ready, I went back, and nobody's there. I don't know what to tell you, Dan, nobody's there [...] I'm here and I'm ready, they're not. Bring it." Consider it broughten, Chuck. Ahead, listen to Sheen's latest rant (pause to imagine a world where Charlie Sheen didn't matter), then stick around for more Buzz Break.

Click through to listen. [TMZ]

· What was last week's rumor has become Monday's confirmation: On an upcoming episode of Glee, Blaine (Darren Criss) will explore his bisexuality. "Blaine will openly question whether bisexuality is real," Ryan Murphy revealed to Out. "I think that some people will love that discussion and some will not love it." Clarifying things a bit further, the Glee creator tells Michael Ausiello that Blaine's dalliance with the opposite sex will happen as a result of booze. "[T]he moral of the story is don't play spin the bottle while drunk on wine coolers." Noted. Also: Bad idea? [TVLine]

· Bill Murray won the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am over the weekend. Insert Caddyshack reference here. [NYT]

· "We're almost done. The fact we've had to push the wrap date but they haven't moved the release date is really interesting to me. I guess they must know what they're doing. I have a lot of faith in Matthew [Vaughn] as a director and an editor; I think his movies are great. And I think they've been cutting as we've been going. We should be fine." Thanks for the X-Men: First Class update, January Jones! Sounds like things are going very well. [The Playlist]

· A lot more people than you might think were upset that Arcade Fire won the Grammy for Best Album on Sunday night. Enough to populate an entire Tumblr. Click through. [Who Is Arcade Fire??!!?]

· Speaking of The Grammys: The telecast had its highest ratings in 10 years. Congrats, Lady Gaga and the San Diego Chicken Cee-Lo. [TVLine]


  • Mike the Movie Tyke says:

    Sheen thought he was ready and back at the studio but was actually pounding on the door of a closed Jack in the Box at 3am.

  • where'e emilio? says:

    Charlie Sheen doesn't matter. That said, there are only two people I want to hear from re: Charlie Sheen:
    1. Martin Sheen, and
    2. Emilio Estevez
    And not in that order. Make it happen!

  • So sad for the crew. Too bad they couldn't have written something else in for stupid Charlie. They let him hold the entire operation hostage just for his dumb jokes. I am sure if they would have been a little bit creative they could have come up with something.