The King's Speech Continues Its Winning Reign At The 2011 BAFTA Awards

God save the King...from kicking everyone else's ass at the BAFTA. The hometown hero won big at the British awards show, nearly sweeping the major categories -- Best Picture, Best British Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor (sorry fellow Brit Christian Bale!) and even Best Supporting Actress for Helen Bonham Carter. David Fincher's Best Director win over Tom Hooper's was one of the few moments of a royal loss. So two trains of thoughts: one, a British movie about a very British subject would of course do well at a British award show, and this has little bearing on the Oscar race. Two, The King Speech is gonna win every last little thing come February 27.

Best Film

The King's Speech

Outstanding British Film

The King's Speech

Best Director

David Fincher, The Social Network

Best Actress

Natalie Portman, Black Swan

Best Actor

Colin Firth, The King's Speech

Best Supporting Actress

Helena Bonham Carter, The King's Speech

Best Supporting Actor

Geoffrey Rush, The King's Speech

Best Original Screenplay

The King's Speech

Best Adapted Screenplay

Aaron Sorkin, The Social Network

Best Cinematography

Roger Deakins, True Grit

Outstanding British Contribution

The Harry Potter franchise

Best Original Music

Alexandre Desplat, The King's Speech

Best Short Film

Until The River Runs Red

Best Short Animation

The Eagleman Stag

Best Sound

Lee Smith, Inception

Best Editing

Angus Wall, Kirk Baxter, The Social Network

Best Make-up and Hair

Vali O'Reilly, Paul Goochm, Alice In Wonderland

Best Film Not In The English Language

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Best Costume Design

Alice In Wonderland Colleen Atwood

Best Production Design

Inception, Guy Hendrix Dyas, Larry Dias, Doug Mowat

Best Special Visual Effects

Inception, Chris Courbold, Paul Franklin

Best Animated Film

Toy Story 3

Orange Wednesday's Rising Star

Tom Hardy


  • Ted says:

    May I humbly suggest a third train of thought, Mr. Gaines? Namely, that The King's Speech is in fact a pretty good movie.