Video: In 1971, Grammy Competition was Insanely Fierce.

· Yes, we just toasted to Grammy history, but here's one last video that will make you wonder what happened to this once-great ceremony. The 1971 telecast featured a category called Best Contemporary Performance by a Duo, Group or Chorus -- and the nominees were incredible. The Beatles, the Carpenters, the Jackson 5, Simon and Garfunkel, and Chicago all square off. Spellbinding. (Also: Go Karen and Richard!) [YouTube]

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  • Tommy Marx says:

    Holy shit! I love "Close to You" and the Carpenters, but I had no idea their performance won a Grammy over two of the most iconic performances of the last century. Seriously, birds suddenly appearing trump whispering words of wisdom or being by your side when times get rough?
    Never been a fan of the Grammies before, but this is beyond the point of ridiculous. They should just award all the trophies to Steely Dan on Sunday, then end the awards permanently.