Movieline's Week in Review: Don't Forget the Lyrics

On this most hallowed and public stage, I would just like to say... oof. What was it again? Arrgh. Something about this week. Friday, end of the week, week is over, have a great weekend. Goddamnit. Oh!! Ohohoh: Here's your Week in Review! Drop by this weekend for the stylish and trenchant prose of Dixon Gaines! And the home of the... ugh. Line!

· Odds are you watched the Super Bowl, which means you no doubt got your annual fill of branding and butchering.

· Dana Carvey returned to Saturday Night LIve, yet a featured player reaped the rewards.

· The Oscars continued bearing down, meaning volatility in the Oscar Index, celebrity Oscar predictions and the season's weirdest campaign move (to date).

· Many thanks to this week's illustrious interviewees, including Emily Blunt, Ed Helms, Jamie Bell, Anne Heche, Shenae Grimes and Jon Chu.

· No matter how bad your week was, trust me: Scientologists had it worse.

· We Glee-based (twice!), finally managing to invoke the Lost comparison you were waiting for.

· Not even the show's delightful T.V. Carpio could stave off the beating Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark received.

· We tracked the evolutions of Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, who, you might have heard, have an atrocious new movie out.

· Who's in for the Hunger Games movie? No really, we're asking.

· Give us a hug, 54, you big old Bad Movie We Love.