Late Night Highlights: David Letterman and Snooki Bond Over Pink, Fuzzy Slippers

LateNight021111.jpgLast night on The Late Show, David Letterman flattered Snooki by trying on the same kind of grotesque footwear that she wears on the Jersey Shore. Elsewhere, Jimmy Kimmel shaved Justin Bieber's head, Jennifer Aniston talked about the Super Bowl, and Andy Richter outed Conan O'Brien as an abusive boss.

4. Worst Boss of the Year

Last night, Andy Richter revealed that Conan is an abusive boss during a preview for the Conan sidekick's investigative report next week.

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  • skimpyshorts says:

    You used Andy Richter as a late night highlight and not Seth MacFarlane's Sinatra homage or the awkward interview with Brooklyn Decker? Tsk tsk.