Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms He will Return to Acting; Here Are 30 Roles He Should Consider

The days ahead just got a little brighter: Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed via Twitter that he will return to acting now that his gubernatorial term is finished! But, not so fast -- Arnold needs to choose his next roles very carefully. Since he took over California, he's gone from bona fide icon to bona fide mega-icon. Rehashing the same roles he was taking before office (Collateral Damage, anyone?) won't do him or us favors. And yes, doing the same types of movies in 3-D is still a rehash. For longevity's sake, he needs a role that will blow minds, that will make everybody rethink what they thought they knew about him -- a role like one of these.

(As always, please do chime in with roles you'd like to see The Governater take for his comeback.)

30. A used car salesman

29. The president

28. A hacker (I see amazing potential for a comedy/thriller here.)

27. An ER surgeon with a pain killer addiction

26. A tortured painter

25. An Irish Catholic priest

24. A school janitor who gets teased by all of the students

23. Count Dracula

22. A country singer

21. A pirate (there's going to two more Pirates of the Caribbean movies right?)

20. A pregnant man

19. Himself (somebody call Charlie Kaufman.)

18. A workaholic trying to connect with his teenage daughter

17. A truck driver

16. A hard-boiled social worker with a heart of gold

15. Danny Devito's twin

14. A heroin junkie (fine, he can be an undercover cop too.)

13. A genie

12. A gym teacher

11. A schizophrenic

10. Hobo with an Assault Rifle

9. A transvestite trying to pass the bar exam

8. The other last samurai

7. An elephant hunter in Africa

6. A Na'vi wise man

5. A zany inventor

4. God

3. An alcoholic fighting for custody of his kids

2. The mayor of Key West during spring break

1. John Matrix (I'd totally pay to see a sequel to Commando)