James Franco Might Host the Worst Oscars Ever and He's OK With That

· Is James Franco worried about co-hosting the Academy Awards on Feb. 27? Not really. "If it is the worst Oscar show ever, who cares? It's almost, like -- fine. It's, like, one night," he told Vanity Fair. "It doesn't matter. If I host the worst Oscar show in the history of the Oscars, like, what do I care? I'll try my best." Have truer or better words ever been spoken by an awards show host? Consider that while you click ahead for more Buzz Break.

[Watch the video over at VF.com]

· Mark your calendars: AMC has set Sunday, April 3 as the premiere date for The Killing, which will be your next favorite AMC show. [Deadline]

· Does anyone actually care about the Verizon iPhone? Can you hear me now? [All Things Digital]

· Sorry, Cougar Town fans! The Wednesday night premiere of Mr. Sunshine on ABC drew in over 10 million viewers, a 32 percent increase over the average ratings Cougar Town was getting in the same timeslot. [TVLine]

· "Starz. You just might have it." Details has compiled a very comprehensive (and slightly premature/unnecessary) oral history of Party Down with everyone from stars Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan to director Fred Savage (yep, that Fred Savage) discussing the cult comedy series. [Details]

· Journalism! UsWeekly.com printed a story about Sarah Palin saying that Christina Aguilera should be deported because of her "Star-Spangled Banner" errors. Unfortunately, it turns out the original story was from a satirical site. Sorry, everyone. [NYO]


  • pinkyt says:

    Worst Oscars ever, eh James Franco? Sir, I saw the year Rob Lowe hosted. I listened in horror as Rob Lowe sang with Snow White. You, Mr. Franco, are no Rob Lowe,
    While it is near impossible this year could reach that level of bad, I just worry it will be really, really boring.