Video: Bill O'Reilly Uses Hidden Sympathy Reserve on Lindsay Lohan

· You heard it here: Bill O'Reilly's a Lindsay Lohan sympathizer. He's pretty damn sure she didn't steal that necklace (a regular Encyclopedia Brown, this gent) and he wants to be sure everyone's treating her fairly. I'm proud of Bill and his detective kit. [TVSquad]

· Charlie Sheen says he'll help pay the crew of Two and a Half Men during the hiatus. The crew should specify what counts as currency first. [TMZ]

· Johnny Depp will make a cameo in Adam Sandler's movie Jack and Jill. I'm emailing his rep now for an apology. [MTV]

· Willow Smith wants Ryan Murphy to direct her Annie remake. I was just thinking that movie needed a patina of hostile cynicism. [Vulture]

· I hope Miley Cyrus's mea culpa helps you end your weeks-long dilemma about forgiving her. I'm a firm "no." [Access Hollywood]