The Wicker Tree Trailer: More Nudity and Animal Masks in Sequel to Original Wicker Man

These days, The Wicker Man probably makes many think of derisive laughter, elated confusion and Nicolas Cage getting attacked by bees. But the original 1973 cult film still holds up as a chilling, uncomfortably funny horror movie about the power of fear, desperation and faith. Its director Robin Hardy has been struggling for years to make a companion-piece, and now, more than 30 years later, the trailer for The Wicker Tree has arrived. Those scared of naked women wearing horse masks may want to look elsewhere today. Ah yes, it's probably NSFW.

But before I get to the imagery, I want to get a few problems with this trailer out of the way. First, it's hard to tell exactly how well this film will work, since anyone familiar with the film knows that the young Christian country singers who decide to visit that creepy Scotish island are doomed from the start. It's true that the first film's success wasn't entirely due it's shocking ending, but now that we know exactly how things are supposed to go down, it begs the question of what another movie could possibly offer. Also, I do not care how twisty and menacing they look - wicker trees are just not as scary or iconic as huge wicker men.

All of that said, there's a devlish sense of humor to the trailer and it certainly piles on enough disturbing, bizarre imagery. It seems like Hardy upped the ante on showing those fertility rituals and creepy mayday preparations here. I know I mentioned that naked woman in the horse mask earlier, but my vote for creepiest image goes to the scene where that long-haired Scottsman in the Rolling Stones shirt looks like he's trying to give birth. Nightmares!

Also, bonus points for the title of Hardy's novel, on which the film was based: Cowboys for Christ.

Verdict: Sold!


  • It looks like Robin Hardy uppied the nudity and gore here(since it looks like there's going to be a cannibal feast with this pagan cult),otherwise I'm highly looking forward to this official WICKER MAN seuqel(as well as which character Christopher Lee is going to be playing here).