Rotten Eggs: Russell Brand is the Easter Bunny in Hop

Are you in the market for a story about a computer-animated rabbit who craps jelly beans and behaves like a sexual predator? What if that computer-animated rabbit was voiced by the inimitable Russell Brand? Good. Let's watch the trailer for Hop.

I adore any trailer where I find myself counting the amount of times "poop" is mentioned. Director Tim Hill, who also handled the "blockbuster" Alvin and the Chipmunks movie (quoth the YouTube description), sure loves feisty mammalia, doesn't he? With James Marsden, Kaley Cuoco, Russell Brand, Hank Azaria, Chelsea Handler, and Hugh Laurie in tow, as well Despicable Me's Illumination Entertainment, Hop should be armed for greatness, but instead we have an embarrassing display of bunny jokes. Are you surprised that the Easter Bunny is a revved-up horndog? It frightens me.

I think we're done here. If David Hasselhoff doesn't signal a queasy Easter for you, maybe you and your spawn can handle this jam. I'll be eating my pastel-colored M&Ms elsewhere.

Verdict: Leave it on the cross.